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KraftTrains brings you model railroading clubs around the world. Oranienburg 1964 model railroad club in Germany. Model train clubs MEC Oranienburg 1964 in Oranienburg & Nauen Germany.

MEC Oranienburg 1964
Oranienburg & Nauen

Who are we?

We are enthusiastic friends of local transport, the big and the small railway. 

The purpose of the association is to nurture the model railway system and to raise awareness of the needs of rail transport, in particular to encourage young people to spend their leisure time and enrich cultural life in the territory.

History of the MEC Oranienburg 1964

October 1964 Founding as 'AG 1/18' in the former German Railway Association
November 1964 Start of the construction of the first H0 system
  1970 Access by many members from the Arbeitsgemeinsschaft 1/2 from Borgsdorf
October 1972 Change of premises to Oranienburg freight station 
Construction of the plant is continued
  1975 The AG decides to tear down the club facility and build a new 6 m long and 2.20 m wide H0 system. Work on this facility will be the main activity of the next few years.
  1979 A test contract is concluded with the VEB Berliner TT-Bahnen, which includes the testing of long-term tests. 
A second plant is to be erected in nominal size TT.
June 1980 The first model railway exhibition on the occasion of the Birkenfest for the 625 year celebration of Birkenwerder - 4 plants will be shown, with 1,500 visitors
December 1980 1. Open day
April 1984 The first exhibition outside the Oranienburg district on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the BW Wustermark - a club of the club and TT will be shown, 4,000 visitors will be counted
  1985 For the first time, the AG is participating in the installation of Heinz Ganschow at the central exhibition of the Berlin district council at the television tower
MAY 1986 Youth group is founded in the Pioneerhaus Oranienburg, which is managed by Karl-Ernst Bodtke and Heinz Ganschow.
  1987 Comprehensive renovations of the new AG space 
At the exhibition of the Berliner Fernsehturm on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Berlin, the AG participates with a ticket vault of the Berlin S-Bahn from Hohen Neuendorf station, worked up by Jörg Helm.
November 1987 7th exhibition of the AG in the youth club house in Hohen Neuendorf - with 10 installations (including one each 0 and N) is carried out with a new showcase concept - 2390 visitors
February 1988 Reconstruction of the TT system: reconstruction of Birkenwerder station
  1989 25-year club anniversary - characterized by the completion of the three joint facilities 
The AG participates in the model railway exhibition in the Prater in Berlin
September 1990 A registered association will become a registered association from AG 1/18 of the DMV
October 1990 The contract for the testing of products, which was concluded in 1979 with the former VEB Berliner TT-Bahnen, was lifted
JAN 1991 Association joins the Federal Association of German Railroad Friends
MAY 1991 The former AG 1/31 from Dallgow joined the Modellbahnclub Oranienburg 1964 eV.
June 1991 The model railway school group, founded in 1986, 
The club participates in the model railway exhibition at the Funkturm in Berlin.
October 1992 14. Clubhouse exhibition in Lehnitz
October 1994 30-year-old club anniversary with an anniversary trip from Oranienburg to Fürstenberg-Himmelpfort and finally to the ship lifting station Niederfinow
November 1995 17. Clubhouse exhibition in Lehnitz
  1996 Lutz Bugdahl becomes the new chairman of the association
October 1996 18th Model railway exhibition at Hennigsdorf
April 1997 19th model railway exhibition in the Autohaus Baumgarten in Wusterhausen near Kyritz.
July 1997 Verein participates with its large club facility and 2 showcases at the model railway exhibition at the Berlin TV tower
April 1998 Exhibition of the TT facility in a Hellersdorfer Grundschule
November 1999 22. Clubhouse exhibition in Lehnitz
September 2001 After a long search and a lot of self-initiative the club can finally get new club rooms in Oranienburg in the Lehnitzstraße.
November 2001 24. Clubhouse exhibition in Lehnitz
MAY 2003 There are seminars for digital technology, which are very interesting
November 2003 Verein is represented at two exhibitions simultaneously: with the H0-Anlage at the model railway exhibition in the Forum Landsberger Allee in Berlin and with the TT system, the Dallgower H0 system and several guest facilities at the own exhibition in the club house in Lehnitz
  2004 A new H0 facility in digital technology is planned and a children's play 
facility is being built. Exhibition of the TT facility in Hellersdorf
November 2004 40-year club anniversary 
27. Model railway exhibition in the club house

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