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Kraft Trains is a site where all  model trains Collectors of model railroading of O, N& N Scale can get free information & tools to assist you in customizing and designing your own model train set. We can also help you to decide what train scale would work best for you.

You will find free information on all sorts of custom model train set how to instructions. Like making scenery, designing a layout table, and a lot more. you will also be given tips on different tool and trick of model railroading that you may need in order to build a train set.

We also have a large library of free tools that will help you build your own model train set. From computer programs that can assist you laying your track plans. To PDF downloads with step by step instruction prints for constructing your own structures like houses, business buildings, and monuments.  We also have a library of train sound effects MP3 format that might be able to use on your layout for realistic sounds. There is also organizational programs that can help you keep your model railroad collection organized.

Charles Kraft

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